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Riley Engemoen


Liz Moskowitz

Oyster Reef Project

This past summer Riley and I worked for the Nature Conservancy and one of our projects lead us to the small island of Grande Isle, LA where we met several amazing locals. Our goal was to document the Oyster Reef Project that the Nature Conservancy created to combat the rising sea levels brought about by climate change.

The rising sea levels have caused increased flooding and coastal erosion which threaten the welfare of the plants, animals, and people who live on Grande Isle. We met with fisherman, welders, school teachers, restaurant owners, and children who were directly affected by coastal erosion. Each person we talked with had lost their home or business to a storm, and each of them had then built it back. Storms will come and go, but the communal love and pride of Grande Isle is too strong to be washed away.

Captain Keith “Herk” Bergeron

Captain Herk

Captain Keith “Herk” Bergeron began fishing at Grand Isle as a kid with his parents. After 25 years as a recreational fisherman he started his business as a professional fishing guide in 2004.

Clarence Dwyer

Clarence Dwyer

Clarence Dwyer, a resident of Grand Isle and a welder for fifty years. Dwyer helped build the oyster reef structures that The Nature Conservancy is placing in the Gulf to reduce coastal erosion.


Seth Blitch

Seth Blitch is the Director of Coastal and Marine Conservation in Louisiana. He oversees the oyster reef restoration project that helps to protect and rebuild coastal
areas in the Gulf.


Marsh at Sunset

A view of the marsh off the side of the highway near Grande Isle, LA.

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