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    We were lucky to make some friends at the art collective we stayed at in Huatulco, Oaxaca who are involved in the conservation efforts of the local marine ecology. They let us tag along and even hop into the water to film and photograph the releasing of TWO HUNDRED BABY SEA TURTLES onto the beach!

    Each at their own pace, they scuttled or wandered about, some zipping straight off into the surf, others taking lots of encouragement and almost half an hour to make it to the water. Every one of them was completely upended and tossed about by the waves. It was funny to see them struggling so knowing that, soon, they will be masters of the wave.

    I think I felt, for the first time, a little tinge of what it must be like for a mother to watch her silly little ones fumbling off into the world with their assortment of under and over-developed limbs all flailing about, getting tossed and turned, about to begin a perilous century-long journey whose end no one can know. (HI, MOM. LOVE YOU. WE ALL LOVE OUR MOMS. AND EACH OTHER’S MOMS.)

    I’ll stop now and let the pictures do the talking.

    (Our wonderful host house for the week, the art collective in Huatulco)

    (Our wonderful host house for the week, the art collective in Huatulco)

    (Off to another day’s work at Pedal South headquarters)

    (Strong little front flippers)

    (Strong little front flippers)





    (in a dream)

    (in a dream)





    (post baby-release sunset)

    (post baby-release sunset. sad but happy to see them off)


    (Photos by Thomas Allison & Ricardo Palomares)


    1. Ande

      beautiful! Great pictures. How old are the turtles when they were released?
      Stay safe and have fun!

    2. Daniella

      It is the beginning of their adventure….
      i look at you as you look at them….
      holographic moment!

    3. Monica Franco

      Hi guys!! I am so so happy you could make it to Huatulco. Tannia told me how great and awesome you were. We were both happy that WILDCOAST got the chance to be part (even if just a little) of your incredible project. Thanks for your enthusiasm and for inspiring us all. Cheers!!!

    4. Melissa

      Thom, how exciting to witness! Now you’ve seen babies off into the Pacific and the Atlantic. Did you do you baby turtle imitation?

    5. Jean Bentz

      “For whatever we lose (like a me or a you)
      it’s always ourselves we find at the sea.”
      —ee cummings

    6. jak McKool

      Woop! Turtles have a strange significance to your journey! According to my book “Animal Spirit Guides”: “If turtle shows up you’ve been going much to fast for too long, so slow down and pace yourself… this is a period of increased sensitivity to the earths vibrations and those of the collective human consciousness, which you’ll first feel as sensations in your body prior to the resultant emotions….” Not a bad companion animal for your endeavor. Miss you dudes!

    7. Shirley Williams

      I loved your sea turtle piece! be safe! Love you! Nana

    8. Polly Williams

      Dyarman, what a holy experience. HOW meant to be !! i couldn’t help it – the face of the man resting on his hands is the exact kind intrigued twinkle of the infant toddler at Getzandaner Park finding an instant friend in the face of another who looks nothing like the blond mirror image in Aunt Margy’s black and white photo!! love you pedalsafe

    9. gerardo

      why didnt you keep a sea turtle

    10. kaden

      you should of kept them your mom Mrs. bentz would of loved to had one

    11. Alex

      How big do you think the turtles are now?

    12. Evette Uribe

      cute, love the pictures. You sould of keep one of the turtles. CX

    13. Chloe

      I liked this story and where is the baby sea turtles at when u guys took these pictures.

    14. samantha

      I think that this was a very cute story about those little sea turtles.

    15. vasquez

      i belive that it was a “milagro” that all the turtles you could see and cool how you say “hi” to your mom

    16. samantha

      omg i love this its so cute!!

    17. sauce wildy

      did you swim with the turtles

    18. Jennifer c.

      they are so adorable and i notice it was like about a year ago. :)

    19. mytiauna h

      loved the story, nice to see people helping out with animals ..
      and adorble turtles very cute story

    20. brandon

      The sea turtles are really small and cute

    21. Bridget

      I loved the story and the lovely pictures. Those turtles look so cute.

    22. madison

      Great story !! thats awesome that people love and enjoy to help out turtles. i like that story

    23. Abraham

      Mrs bentz is going to order some tamales from my mom when u come back and i liked the pictures of the turtals and i loved your story

    24. chris daniels

      dude i don’tknow how y’all can do all of this but that’s just amazing

    25. chris daniels

      the turtles looks just like a scull

    26. samantha

      that was so cute!!!! i wish that i could have one

    27. Dre

      the turtles look real cool and i like the story

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