Portraits: Venice, Los Angeles




“This is the new battle bike. Thunderdome for Bikes is basically um, we catch bike thieves and if they steal a bike from Venice they’ve gotta fight for their bike.

There’s a pile of bikes on the other side of the boardwalk of people who were stealing from Venice. [Bike theft] was really bad. The Wetlands, Santa Monica.  In the Wetlands they actually called them pirates. It was kinda fun fighting those guys. People don’t come to Venice to steal bikes anymore.”


“I’ve probably been coming down here for 35 years. I’ve had these skates for 40. I tried those rollerblades one time, took them off after about a minute. No way. (Laughing) I had to quit recently, I fell and busted my head open right here on this bench and broke my ankle. Had to get four pins in my foot. People told me I should stop rollerskating, but…. I love it out here.”


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