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    Photo Gallery: Dease Lake, BC to Stewart, BC

    The epic Cassiar Highway between Dease Lake, BC and Stewart, BC. Photos by Thomas.

    Campfire filming outside of Dease Lake, BC

    Northern Lights College, Dease Lake, BC

    Northern Lights College, Dease Lake, BC

    Cassiar Highway Scarecrow


    Filming on the Cassiar Highway

    Grated bridges prevent snow buildup, terrify cyclists

    Riley filming near the Bell 2 Lodge

    Roadside camping has it’s perks

    Coastal Mountains, Northwest BC

    There is no greater treat than discovering a campsite with a hot tub. Other than perhaps chocolate milk in said hot tub.

    Rainy day riding

    Black bear spotting outside of Meziadin Junction

    Glacier en route to Stewart, BC

    Riley outside of Stewart, BC

    Midnight fog off Portland Bay outside of Stewart, BC

    Abandoned House, Hyder AK – “Alaska’s Friendliest Ghost Town”

    Canada Geese and the Portland Bay Estuary, between Hyder, AK and Stewart, BC

    Fog on Portland Bay between Stewart, BC and Hyder AK

    Welcome to Salmon Glacier, BC


    Foggy river near Hyder AK

    Foggy river near Hyder AK

    Salmon Glacier, BCSalmon Glacier, BC

    Salmon Glacier, BC


    1. Michelle Allcorn

      Thanks for the AWESOME pictures.

    2. Norma Jean

      Wonderful! So glad you posted some new stuff.

    3. Anonymous

      Beautiful photos!

    4. jean bentz

      I can hear these spots from your photos.

    5. cathey

      Such wonderful pictures.

    6. Lauren Allison

      Love the amazing photography. Love you:)

    7. Ryan Kelly Sergent

      Fog On Portland bay is My favorite of the bunch.

    8. Gayle Markey

      Amazing work! Unbelievable places!

    9. Becki Reynolds

      Great job Thomas!

    10. Sally Powell

      You’re photos are extraordinary. Your adventure is inspirational. Enjoying the “ride” through the voice and eyes of your’ s and your cycling buddies. Thanks for sharing.

    11. Big doug

      wer,nt you same people in telegraphcreek where us Tahltans treated you like family,,did you forget about that,,,i am confused edwardo,,whats up with that?

    12. Thomas

      Big Doug! It’ll snow on the mountains in Hell before we forget our time with the Tahltans. We’re working on a post about Telegraph as we speak. Should be up in the next few days!
      Much love, Thomas

    13. Thomas

      That’s just about the nicest thing you can say to a photographer. Thank you.

    14. Big Doug

      I was just kidding you guy,s ,I know you guy,s would not forget about us people living in the best country and our group of Reserves [TAHLTAN] in North America,,,Please don,t tell anyone,,,You guy,s promised,,, Luv big Doug&Deb [Double D,s} Godbless
      and be safe,,,Remember that you boys are always welcome and come during fish season where we will feed you all the fresh salmon you can eat as long as you guys help pick litter ,not mandatory….Say hello to Roberto your leader….

    15. Rodger and Susan

      We really enjoyed giving Ricardo and Thomas a ride up to Salmon Glacier and Dyar joined us for the ride back down the mountain. You are a great group of young men. What an adventure. Hope the forest fire south of Smithers didn’t slow you down. We passed you south of Prince George but could not stop to say Hi. God Bless you on your trip. We will be following you online.

    16. Umar

      Awesome work guys! Keep it up!

    17. doug

      did hell freeze over?

    18. Brian

      Did anyone get “Hyderized”?

    19. Thomas

      Miss you, Doug

    20. Thomas

      Thanks Umar!

    21. Thomas

      Haha, yes Brian, Dyar and I were indeed Hyderized. I tried to purchase a second one since 5 bucks is a pretty good deal for bootleg moonshine but apparently the’ve instituted a 1-hyderizer-per-customer limit. For good reason, I’m sure.

    22. Thomas

      Thanks Roger and Susan! We made it through the fire just fine, it was a good ways off the road but still we were riding through the smoke for many miles. Thanks for the ride up to Salmon Glacier!

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