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    Photo Feature: Northern Mexico

    Journal excerpt: 1/12/15

    Inside the giant Auditorio Mascota in Mascota MX, sleeping on the ground next to my bike for safe keeping. At least this way if the Banditos come they’ll have to step over me.

    We finally made it over the mountains, though two days of climbing almost killed us. Probably the sweatiest day of the trip, maybe of my whole life. Shirt dripping and all I could do to keep the sweat pouring down my face out of my eyes all afternoon. Though the last 25 k were downhill and then flat once we hit the farmland east of the range. Dyar’s phone got stolen out from under his hammock last night in Estancia so Ricardo and I hitched a ride up to the nearest police station in San Sebastián to file a report. We interviewed a cigar maker there and he said some amazing stuff about turtles “they walk slowly; but surely.” I fell asleep outside the police station and when I awoke Ricardo had charmed the ladies at the travel agency next door into giving us cake. Pretty good day.


    The Night They Stole Dyar’s iPhone


    Post-ride ice cream break at the town square in La Estancia, Jalisco


    Cigar Maker, San Sebastian Del Oeste


    Interview with the Banda Norteña, Jalisco


    Mysterious Field of Concrete, Jalisco


    Highway Bombero, Jalisco


    How to Promote Your Restaurant in Rural Mexico


    Hammock Desperation


    Journal Excerpt: 1/25/15

    Poem From a Dark Oxxo

    The lights went out at the Oxxo
    Halfway through my gas station taco
    Dazed, we sit in the dark.
    Where the hell are the others?
    Feet numb. Ass too.

    One of the attendants plays a bachata tune on his phone
    flirting with the girl at the counter
    as if this is just any old evening
    as if life is just one big coconut
    the tune small and hollow against the register alarm

    Maybe they fell into a ravine
    or were squashed by a pig truck
    Maybe I’ll have to tell Riley’s mom that her son
    what’s left of him anyways
    is at the bottom of a hole in Mexico for no reason

    Five days deep in a mad dash to Mexico City
    a shitstorm death march to Mecca
    Each day the same
    oatmeal, sun, tacos, sleep.

    Some chavo outside
    bummed me a Red
    and taught me the Chilango handshake.
    “There’s good people in the world, but bad ones too.”
    At least I think that’s what he said
    hard to say


    Reunion, or The Morning After the Night We Lost Riley


    Ricardo Tells Dyar About His Dreams


    Mexico, Land of Things Always on Fire


    Sleeping at the Gas Station, Puebla


    Breakfast with the Etching Artists, Guadalajara


    Mercado Libertad, Guadalajara


    The Time We Made the Newspapers and No One Saw It


    News Interviews in Guadalajara


    Media Day, or All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go, Guadalajara


    Street Dog North of Mexico City


    Mexican Ponies


    Asleep or Dead? Riley Napping, North of Mexico City


    Dos Vaqueros, Puebla


    Peanut Butter Party aka Fiesta de Crema de Cacahuate


    The Road to Guada


    Kickin It in Guadalajara


    Mexican Ponies 2


    The Time We Woke Up To a Jazzercise Class


    1. Ande

      Thank y’all so much for sharing this grand adventure! Hugs to all of you.

    2. jane defnet

      Hi Guys from Santa Barbara,

      Dyar, I just gave your Aunt Margy and Aunt Ann a tour of Casa del Herrero (a historic house in SB!). They are so much fun! The Kennedy’s are renting the beach house until August 5.
      These are amazing Pictures!! I’m so glad you found Riley! YIKES!
      Dyar, I showed Cameron and Patrick what you wrote in the Honeymoon Cottage guest book for them–and of course they laughed!
      Take care!!! Thinking of you,
      Jane (Bruce too!)

    3. Leanne

      I love them. all of them. you got me to look twice with the shot of the cowboy riding directly above and perpendicular to you on the bridge… that was a super trippy shot. That and the concrete field… y’all find beauty in the strangest places. Keep them coming please!!!

    4. Juanita

      Beautiful! I’m so thankful that the kindness of la gente has strenthened you way more that the meanness of los banditos has harmed you. Prayers that it remain so!

    5. t

      “as if this is just any old evening
      as if life is just one big coconut”

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