Eugene Sandoval: East & West

How can I, an individual, make an impact on society far beyond my time?

This is the question which has always driven Portland architect and Philippines transplant Eugene Sandoval.

I found Eugene’s TEDx talk online and was immediately captivated by him. An immigrant myself, I find his story of overcoming poverty in his home country in order to achieve his dreams in America incredibly inspiring. Eugene’s unique design mentality results from a combination of his two worlds, of the East and the West. He proudly embraces his background and implements his experiences as a child in the Philippines into his work every day. Remembering home made him emotional; he spoke about the importance of knowing where you come from and shared an old Philippine saying: if you don’t know where you come from, you’ll never know where you’re going.



  1. Gayle Markey

    “Chaos will take you someplace less expected” LOVE THAT!

  2. Anonymous

  3. Gayle

    It is good to remember where we came from. It gives us a foundation to look forward to what lies ahead. Having lived in both east and west gives Eugene the edge to better understand different ways of thinking and being able to tap into both worlds accordingly.
    Eugene, Good job. Keep helping others and growing creatively!
    God of Israel bless you!

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