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    Central America

    (A brief collection of photos, poems, prayers and thoughts from across Mexico and Guatemala.)
    Lately I’ve been in a really good place mentally. The longer we travel, the more capable I feel of working through things: the hardships, ups and downs, of constant life on the road. My capacity for straight chillin’, the enjoyment and great appreciation of the simple luxuries this lifestyle affords, is ever-expanding. I find myself daily grateful, thanking everything for everything. These writings speak of that place.


    Dia de los Tortugas. Outside Huatulco, Mx.


    Wildfires outside of Guadalajara, Mx.


    Somewhere in Guatemala.


    San Cristobal, Mx.


    Outside Huatulco, Mx.

    When I sit (solitude)

    It’s as if god rests his entire being down on you gently. Like how softly the barber chops (avoiding the ear), like the nurse takes your blood pressure, like how you talk in the morning soft and frazzled new.


    Sierra Madre Mtns. Outside San Miguel Suchixtepec, Oaxaca.


    Trabajador de los Sierra Madre Mtns.


    Guatemalan kid/ Libertad Democrática Renovada.


    Morning Swim. Outside San Ildefonso Ixtahuacán.


    Coastal Snacks. Somewhere in Southern, Mx.

    Woke up this morning and felt the dry dirt I was sleeping on. Birds chirping beautiful. Thanks for the sun, the fence blocking the sun from my eyes, and the cool ocean breeze. Thanks for the ritual of new morning, fresh. Thanks, praise etc.


    43 lives. Southern, Mx.


    Somewhere in Guatemala.

    Shine through me lord, shine through me lord, wash over me lord, wash over me lord X100


    Shot on Portra 400 &  Kodak Plus-X 125


    1. Ande

      Lovely. Thank you for taking me on this adventure with you. Stay safe and enjoy the ride

    2. Leanne

      Love it all

    3. Sally & Briqn

      Riley & gang: We’re so impressed with your journey and the personal insights and reflections (and the photos!). Truly seems like a life-changing experience . All our continued best wishes in your ongoing adventures all the way south!

    4. Aunt Fishy

      Love you, Riley :)

    5. Will Merchant

      HEY JEFFRO!!! Dood! I’ve enjoyed getting to catch up! Hope all is well! Get your but back! I’m ready to hear about it!

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